Stone Finishes

These are variations of Granites in beautiful patterns, textures and finishes.

These are used in various projects to produce impressions of elegance and quality.

They yield tightly fitting joints but a rough surface texture.

Stone Finishes










Single Line

Three Line


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About Some Finishes

The surface of granite stone may be finished in a wide variety of ways. It is important to choose the stone finishes suitable for a focused use. Using different techniques and mechanical processes, natural stone can be adapted to interior and exterior applications.

These are the most popular stone finishes:

SAWN: This finish is created by “sawing” the stone with diamond disc teeth. It produces a partial rough and irregular surface with small undulations and furrows.This finish makes the stone lighter and gives it a matte tone. This is available for external paving, steps, pathways, driveways and patios.

FLAMED: This finish is achieved by exposing the surface of the stone directly to a high temperature flame. It generates a thin roughness and protects the material for outdoor installation.

SANDBLASTED: This finish is created by repeatedly blasting silica sand against the material through an air gun. It generates very small craters that highlight the color of the stone. Again good for making the surface non-slippery or textured.

LEATHER: leather finish is made by a process of brushing the slab with a range of brushes. The result is a slightly undulating surface, very soft, warm and smooth to the touch. Granites are the favourites to be converted to ths texture.

Finishes Available

Sawned, Honed, Polished, Flamed, Antique, Sandblast, Shot Blasted, Leather, Lepothra, Chiselled, Roller, Dressed Stones


The beauty of natural stone combined with expert craftsmanship and design can produce a unique and lasting result.

Finishing Stages

Rough-cut blocks are the least expensive and provide a rugged appearance.

Finished blocks are expensive but yield a more refined appearance.